Hey, I'm Kayliegh

Let's build something together.

About Me

Hey there! I am a teacher-turned-techie seeking employment as a Software Developer.

While introducing my students to coding through a 'Week of Code' initiative, I unexpectedly caught the programming bug. I was immediatly attracted to the logic and complexity of code, but what really drew me in was the feeling of finally reaching a solution after working through a difficult problem. The more I leaned into coding, the more I discovered it a great fit with my passion for life-long learning and problem solving.

At first, I considered web development a new hobby and began working on a few side projects: I helped a nonprofit rebuild their WordPress website; I built a static site for a local business using HTML and CSS; I learned principles of web design to help a local baker develop a high-impact email marketing campaign.

In April of 2020, I began to study web development full time. Since then, I've been taking online courses, learning new languages, building projects, and listening to all the coding podcasts I can get my hands on! While I've loved every minute of self-study, I'm eager to apply my skills in the workplace while collaborating with a team, learning from skilled programmers, and gaining professional software development experience.

Aside from coding, I'm passionate about helping others, building community, and the power of education to transform the world. I want to build things that drive positive change.

You in? Let's build something great together!


Screenshot of Album of the Week web app
Album of the Week more_vert

Social web app that allows users to rate and review music albums with friends. Built with Django.

Features: close
  • - Django Web Framework
  • - API calls to external DB
  • - Local database using PostgreSQL
  • - 3rd party hosting for images (Cloudinary)
  • - Mobile responsive design
  • - User access levels
  • - Launched on Heroku
Screenshot of Skyline Appraisal Webpage
Small Business Website more_vert

Responsive website designed and built for a local business using HTML & CSS.

Features: close
  • - Materialize CSS framework
  • - Custom logo design and branding
  • - Custom content creation
  • - Hosted on Netlify
Screenshot of BigBiddy
BidBiddy more_vert

Responsive auction website that allows users to list items for sale, place bids, write comments, and add items to a watchlist.

Features: close
  • - Django Web Framework
  • - Local database using SQLite
  • - Materialize CSS Framework
Screenshot of FormFill web app
FormFill Web App more_vert

Batch generate PDF forms auto-populated with your data.

Features: close
  • - Flask Web Framework
  • - PostgreSQL database
  • - Hosted on Heroku
Screenshot of Encyclopedia
Online Encyclopedia more_vert

Wikipedia-like website that allows users to add and edit encyclopedia entries.

Tech Used close
  • Python
  • Django
  • Markdown language
  • HTML


Bachelor's Degree

Major: Latin American Studies
Minor: Spanish
St. Louis, MO, USA

Master's Degree

Madrid, Spain

Study Abroad Program

Public Health
Puebla, Mexico

Online & Self-Guided
  • CS50 Intro to Computer Science (Harvard)

  • CS50 Web Development with JavaScript and Python (Harvard)

  • The Complete JavaScript Course 2020 by Jonas Schmedtmann (Udemy)

  • Modern JavaScript by Brad Traversy (Udemy)

  • Responsive Web Design (FreeCodeCamp)


Front End

HTML5 logo CSS3 Logo JS Logo Materialize: A Modern CSS Framework Logo

Back End

Python logo Flask logo Django logo PostgreSQL logo


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